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About GR Memorials

GR Memorials is a local family run monument company.  We opened our doors in 1998 and have been in business for over 20 years.  We have manufactured and shipped monuments across Canada, and the United Kingdom.

I originally started in the business as a seasonal monument installer.  After an acquaintance had passed away in an accident, the family approached me and were adamant that if I was capable of installing a monument, surely I was capable of making a monument.  So after several months of tracking down suppliers and material, and many hours of sandblasting in a chicken coupe, I was able to manufacture my first pillow monument.  This was the start of our memorial business.  To help and encourage a family amidst one of their darkest seasons of life, is what set me off on my new endeavor.  

After personally experiencing the loss of loved ones, including intimate family members, and having found it difficult to financially have a form of remembrance, a desire grew in me to ensure that no one is excluded from having some form of remembrance for their loved ones, no matter your situation.  Everyone is entitled and deserves to be remembered no matter what their situation in life. 


Give us a call, we would be honored to serve you. 

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